Inspire Action for Social Change provides support, leadership, and technical assistance to those working to end violence against women and children. It is our mission to help individuals, organizations, and communities create long-lasting change for those they serve.


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Beth McNamara, Co-Founder/Co-Executive Director

Beth McNamara, is a social worker who received her degree from the University of Wisconsin. Hailing from a small town in the Midwest, Ms. McNamara currently resides in the mountains of Montana. She has been an advocate to end gender-based violence since 1987. Beth is the co-founder and co-executive director of Inspire Action for Social Change, a non-profit organization working to create social change and end violence against women and children.

In addition to her work at Inspire Action, Beth works as a consultant providing training and technical assistance with Praxis International, the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, Family Violence Department and Futures Without Violence.

Beth was the director of the Family Service Agency, Family Visitation Center in the San Francisco Bay Area for thirteen years. Over the course of her career in supervised visitation she planned, designed and operated five different supervised visitation centers. She was responsible for program operations, development, sustainability, training, direct service, advocacy, and the supervision and mentoring of staff and volunteers. 

Beth has worked in shelters, managed domestic violence and sexual assault crisis calls, facilitated support groups for survivors, created and co-facilitated groups for children exposed to violence in their home,  worked on sexual assault campus reform efforts, provided general advocacy for women and children, and worked in the mental health and chemical dependency fields in the early stages of her professional life.

Jennifer Rose, Co- Founder/Co-Executive Director

Jennifer Rose has been working as an advocate and activist to promote healing and end violence against women and children for the past 25 years. Jennifer is currently the co-director at Inspire Action for Social Change. Prior to co-founding Inspire Action in 2008, she had held a number of leadership positions at local domestic violence programs. In her role as the Director of Domestic Violence Services at the Walnut Avenue Women’s Center, she worked to build a program that provided both crisis intervention and long-term advocacy and support for women and their families. She also opened a supervised visitation center that was part of a national demonstration initiative funded through the Office of Violence Against Women.

In addition to her work at Inspire Action, Jennifer works as a consultant, locally and nationally, to provide training and technical assistance on the issues of violence against women and girls, engaging people who use violence, anti-oppression/anti-racist work, community organizing, and LGBTQ issues. Jennifer works as a consultant to Futures without Violence, ALSO, Full Frame Initiative and The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges.  

Jennifer received her BA in Anthropology and Women’s Studies from Fort Lewis College and her MSW from San Jose State University.

Both Beth and Jennifer have collaborated, co-authored, and contributed to numerous publications and resources for those serving victims of violence, many of which can be downloaded on our Resources page.


Amrita Hanjrah, Strategic Learning Manager

Amrita Hanjrah is a social justice and human rights advocate dedicated to empowering survivors of gender violence and facilitating change with those who have harmed.  In her current role at Apna Ghar, Inc. (Our Home), Amrita works closely with those seeking supervised visitation remedies through orders of protection in the Circuit Court of Cook County’s Domestic Violence Division. This option was previously underutilized and is a result of the Family Court Enhancement Project funded by the Office for Violence against Women.  In this role, she educates the domestic violence judiciary, key stakeholders, and the domestic violence advocacy community regarding the importance and appropriate use of supervised visitation services.  The aforementioned work requires an overall command of the various legal systems affecting families, the finesse to establish strong and meaningful relationships with domestic violence agencies, the ability to provide direction and growth for the supervised visitation programming and its staff, and soft skills such as empathy, awareness, and connection to provide this level of engagement needed with families.

Amrita is rooted in her commitment to fighting for human rights and has built her foundation by working with marginalized populations through research, public policy, and on the ground direct service.  Previous work includes working with women and children, and with populations from the Middle East, South Asia, and Central America at Heartland Alliance, International Children’s Center. These experiences have provided Amrita with strong interpersonal and intercultural communication skills.  Amrita holds a JD (Public Service), a MPA (International Development) and a B.A. in Sociology from DePaul University. 


Jorge Vidal, Consultant with Inspire Action for Social Change

Jorge Vidal serves as the Project Coordinator for the Culturally Specific Services Program Grant (CSSP). For more than 10 years, Jorge has worked in the social work field at various non-profit and public interest organizations, promoting the rights and dignity of immigrants, people living with HIV/AIDS, and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals and communities. "I strongly believe that empowerment is unpacking multiple layers and barriers within an individual or community to get to the core, which holds endless possibilities for advancement and understanding.” Prior to joining the Casa de Esperanza, Jorge has worked with a variety of community-based organizations, including AIDS United, Voces Latinas, GMHC, Hispanic AIDS Forum, and Coordinadora Paz para la Mujer. He has worked with the Latino community from diverse settings that include Washington DC, Connecticut, New York, and Puerto Rico. Jorge earned his Master of Social Work degree from Fordham University.


Erin Fairchild, Consultant with Inspire Action for Social Change

Erin Fairchild, MSW, has worked with communities impacted by trauma and violence for the past 20 years, specializing in childhood exposure to violence. She has comprehensive experience in the grass roots domestic violence movement, child welfare, school and systems engagement, social justice advocacy, trauma and brain development, primary prevention approaches, adverse childhood experiences, trauma informed practice, and children’s mental health.  In her role as Defending Childhood and Safe & Thriving Communities Director for Multnomah County, she envisions a world where violence is addressed as a public health issue, where all people have equitable access to what they need to thrive. Ms. Fairchild believes everyone has a role to play in making our communities just, compassionate and loving.