We're here to facilitate community readiness and collaboration, provide technical assistance and training, and help build your leadership skills - all to promote safety and healing for individuals, families, and communities.

Consulting & Support

Tailored Consulting Packages

Need personalized help or training? Want to become better skilled in a specific area? Whether you want to  focus on In-The-Moment Technical Assistance, Organizational Health and Success, or Assessment and Relfection, we can help! Topics include: Case Consultation, De-escalation Strategies, Working with the Courts, Leadership Development, Partnerships and Collaborations, Data Analysis, and much, much more!

We can provide your tailored consulting package over the phone, via video conference, in person, or through one of our interactive trainings.

Supervised Visitation & Safe Exchange

Documentation Training

We know many communities with supervised visitation programs have struggled with documentation practices. What should be documented? How much information should be included? How do we maintain the information and who should have access to it? Inspire has developed a one-day interactive training designed to help answer these questions. Topics include: Observation Skills, Confidentiality, Determining the Purpose of Collected Information, a Step-by-Step Documentation Decision Process, and Documentation Practice Sessions.

Supervised Visitation

Immersion Training

Roll up your sleeves and have fun with this hands-on, interactive opportunity to enhance the skills needed to operate a visitation center. During this two-day training, you'll learn how to provide increased safety and best serve the women, men, and children affected by battering who use your center. Topics include: Intervening in Visits, Accounting for Battering When Conducting Visits and Exchanges, Structuring Successful Staff Meetings, Decision Making in Challenging Situations, and Engaging the People You Serve.